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Metal Halide Lamps

Posted on 26 October, 2018
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cheapcialiscanada.com -Metal Halide Lamps A metal-halide lamp is an electrical lamp that produces light by an electric arc through a gaseous mixture of vaporized mercury and metal halides (compounds of metals with bromine or iodine). It is a type of high-intensity discharge (HID) gas discharge lamp.

1. Metal-halide Lamp

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The home depot. The ProLED HID Retrofit Series lamps are an The ProLED HID Retrofit Series lamps are an easy to install LED solution for post top and high bay fixtures. ProLED HID Retrofit lamps offer an energy-efficient alternative to traditional High Pressure Sodium and Metal Halide Lamps .

Metal halide bulbs. Most metal halide lamps have a low color rending index ranging in the 60 to 70 range. However, some metal halide bulbs have a high color rendering index of 90. Metal halide lamps that have a high CRI include flood lamps used for retail lighting and grow lamps.

How it works and history. Another kind of metal halide lamp is the halogen metal iodide or HMI lamp. It is mainly used for photography since it makes a 5600 K light (matching natural daylight) and has a great CRI. The lamp has a optimum combination of metal halides made of rare earth metals.

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